Encaustic photograph, Dorothy Imagire

Dorothy Imagire

RISD MFA ’90 [Photography]
Dorothy Imagire was born in Japan and spent parts of her childhood in Chicago, Guam, Iran, Italy and Virginia. Drawing inspiration from personal memories and cultural artifacts, her mixed-media work reflects her investigation of Asian-American and mixed Japanese-American identity, with her recent “vampire” series focusing on stereotypes of Asian-American females. Imagire has exhibited her installations throughout the US, and has earned a New Forms grant and a Fellowship for Visual Artists from the New England Foundation for the Arts. An avid collector of vintage appliances, she says that if she weren’t an artist she would own an antiques shop.


Each of these ethereal, handmade encaustic photo prints by Dorothy Imagire is evocative on its own and forms a rich narrative when displayed as a series.

Wood, photograph, wax
Specify subject matter: robot, rocket racer or space gun
5½ x 5½"

Price: $48.00

Enlace: RISD

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