Beauty is pain

Normal is merely what the
majority pretends to be, there is
no normality in this world.

This is where I am supposed to say something
witty and clever…but I really don’t feel like it. So
I’ll just rant about myself aimlessly.

I am Ash Sivils,26 and an artist of many mediums
including paints, pencil art, photography and
last but never least, graphics and manipulations.
I will be posting my manips’ and some digital here
on Red Bubble.

I will say I am very opinionated, arrogant at times
but usually easy to get along with. I have a strong
stance that most have trouble dealing with, I am not
swayed easily.

I let my art speak for me, it seems as though it is the
only way I can get a word in any conversation.
Concept comes easily for me due to the fact I
have to use analogies to explain anything I think of.

What a crock..

Deviant Art
Gallery Mezzotint

-Ash Sivils

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