Una muestra de la colección de botones de Lily Abello. Hay más, aunque estos me parecen estupendos.

Celluloid Buttons #1: Mostly from the 1998 Florida State Show.
Celluloid Buttons #2: More, but not from the Florida show.
China Buttons #1: Calicos, stencils, and miscellaneous chinas.
China Buttons #2: Ringers, mounds, ink wells
Hard Rubber Buttons: Goodyear and others. Mid to late 1800's. Plentiful and fun.
Puzzling Buttons: New acquisitions that have me puzzled (18k).
Fancy Metal Buttons (Mostly Twinkles): One of my favorite cards of buttons (162k).
Menagerie of Picture, Victorian, Fancy Metal Buttons: The kitchen sink of my fancier metal buttons.
Sparkly Buttons: Hey they're not diamonds, but they sure are pretty (112k).
Fancier Sparkly Buttons: Beautiful! These remind me of jewelry (104k).
Fun Buttons: Fun modern buttons (145k).
Modern Plastic Buttons: Plain but interesting modern plastic buttons..
Glass Buttons: So much fun to assemble a card of glass!
Bakelite Buttons: Spent a day with scrubbing bubbles, look what I found.

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